Some people are settling down, some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies. Butterflies. They’re a strange thing. You can’t find them; they usually find you. Still, I try to look for butterflies in everything I do. Maybe that’s why I make everything so difficult, but hey, it sure makes life fun!

What really gets me is that there’s no formula for finding butterflies. For most other things, you can figure out a formula. There’s one for getting a job and then a promotion. There are ones for recovering from an addiction or major loss. There are still others for telling how healthy a newborn is and how your child is progressing. There’s even a formula for telling how good someone will be in bed. But, there’s no tried and true formula for finding butterflies. Trust me, I’ve tried.

So, you keep searching. You kiss the frogs in the hopes that they’ll turn into princes, or more accurately, that you’ll feel the butterflies again; if just for a second. When you do stumble upon something that gives you butterflies, fight for it. Fight for it with everything you have. It might be a long time before the butterflies find you again.


  1. […] when you try your hardest, make sacrifices or do something that scares you. Yet, I still believe in butterflies. Maybe it’s my way of saying you always have to be happy and passionate about what […]

  2. […] me, I do it all the time too. The unknown is exciting, thrilling and gives us butterflies. If we’re the slightest bit bored or disgruntled we automatically want a new job, a new city, […]

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