Refusing to Settle

Tonight, I asked the twitterverse, “Do you settle because you want it now, or do you wait for perfect?”

The answers I got back ranged the gamut from “waiting = not living life to the fullest” to “nothing is perfect, settle now” to “wait for perfection.”

First, the twitterverse is right, nothing is perfect. But everything is perfect to someone. Second, you should never have to settle. Settling didn’t get me to the Olympic Trials nor did it get me Florida Editor of the Year two years in a row. And, settling certainly didn’t get me a shot at a VP title before I was 26. Third, if you’re striving for perfect, the chances that you’re living life to the fullest are far greater than if you’re settling for fast and easy.

I wrote about butterflies before. The butterflies shouldn’t just apply to the men (or women) in your life. Butterflies should apply to everything you do. If there’s something in your life not giving you butterflies, figure out a way to fix it, or, get rid of it.

My decision? I’m waiting for my perfect. I’m waiting for the butterflies.


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