10 Cool Things of 2010

Yes, ladies and gentleman, it’s that time of year again… bring on the Top 10 lists! I used to get annoyed at all these lists, but I have to admit, it’s pretty cool to look back and remember the cool things, events and what was important to you in year’s past like 2008 and 2009.

Here it is, ten cool things of 2010 (in date order):

  1. Got a new job
  2. Traveled overseas (to Madrid) for the first time
  3. Got promoted and headed up marketing and public relations for a Las Vegas Strip hotel; the youngest marketing head in the industry by at least 10 years.
  4. Got a cat
  5. Fell in love with my best friends even more and made a few, unexpected new ones
  6. Got a real mentor
  7. Learned more about what I don’t like than what I like
  8. Took some big risks and made some changes in the relationship department
  9. Experienced the opening of the last hotel on the Las Vegas Strip
  10. Joined an online dating site. For realz

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