10 Lessons, 100 Discoveries: #5 – Relationship Advice

Are you ready for a secret? Promise not to tell anyone? Okay, here goes… don’t tell… I’m naive and still have many life lessons ahead of me, both big and small. In essence, 1 Year, 10 Projects, 100 Discoveries is actually 100 lessons. But, this project of 10 lessons is about ones that hit me over the head, ones that maybe others already know and ones that will impact my life on a semi-daily basis. You can see all 10 Lessons here and the entire project here. Enjoy the learnings, I am!

The best lessons and advice often come at the most unexpected times from the most unexpected people. This advice was no different. The lesson came from a guy who had recently graduated from college. Ironically, it was some of the best relationship advice I’ve received.

For months, possibly even years, I’ve been asking, “How do you know when it’s right? How’s it supposed to feel? What’s it supposed to feel like?” Anyone I asked had the same response – “You just know.” It drives me mad. I know it feels slightly different every time, but I wanted to know what they felt.

I would have never guessed that a 24-year old male would be the one to articulate it so eloquently. His advice?

Ask yourself: Does this person and being with them make you feel good about you? If the answer is yes, then you know it’s right.

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  1. Douglas Noertker says:

    Brandie: love the posts, keep sharing. One thing, relax, enjoy what you have right now, who you are right now. IT will happen, IT will come — but perhaps when you are not expecting IT. In the meantime LIVE LARGE, SMILE, and when you can SWIM.

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