10 Moments of 2013

It’s that time of year when we all look back and reflect. When I started this series in 2008, I thought it was silly and overdone. These days, it’s one of my favorite sets of posts to reread. They bring back the memories of the people and events that were important to me in year’s past- 2008200920102011 and 2012 all hold special memories.

Similar to a snowflake, 2013 was unlike any year before it. This year, I was more like the turtle than the hare – slow and steady to finish the line. Surprisingly, I didn’t mind the slow and steady pace. I stopped often and slowly to smell the roses and I made my dream life of a Mexican Fisherman a reality.

Without further adieu, here’s the Top 10 of 2013:

  1. Changed my stars and took a leap I had been dreaming of since 5th grade. I was so scared that I came thisclose to backing out. As always, the things that scare us the most turn out to be some of life’s best decisions.
  2. Twelve races colored this year, including conquering a Spartan and half marathons in DC, Cleveland, Key West, San Francisco and Palm Beach
  3. Completed my first (and second) triathlon!
  4. Said goodbye to Columbus, Ohio
  5. While I didn’t add any new cities to my list, I traveled well, often spending a month at a time in various cities
  6. I checked a few more items off my bucket list, including spending Harvest Season (and my birthday) in Napa
  7. I watched the last of my college friends’ get married in two of my favorite weddings
  8. I took up bike riding. Who knew it was the secret to finally making my thighs smaller?!
  9. Third time’s the charm. Fingers crossed, I’ve finally made working for myself a sustainable reality
  10. made the time to slow down and cherish time spent with family and friends. Thursdays with Grandma were the highlight of my year.


  1. Congratulations on a year well spent and having the courage, faith and fortitude for living life full out. Truly an inspiration!

  2. Vegasbab says:

    Thanks Jaime!

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