10 Moments, 100 Discoveries: Moment 9 – Going West

In 2011, I set out on an adventure of 100 Discoveries. I thought I could finish in a year. But, the reality is, you should never finish an adventure like the one I created. With that in mind, this post is part of that project. You can see all 10 Moments here and the entire project here. Enjoy the moments, I sure am!

It was deja vu circa 2006. On the last weekend in May 2006, I raced across the United States going from Florida to Las Vegas in a mere 2.5 days. My goal was to beat my friend’s time of 3 days. While I accomplished that goal, I didn’t slow down on that trip. The most exciting sight I took in was a Texas-shaped BBQ grill at a rest stop. In retrospect,  I vowed that if I ever got the chance again, I’d take it slow.

Eight years later, I strangely found myself in a position I never imagined – the need to drive from Florida to Las Vegas. Again. With eight more years of wisdom under my belt, I altered my route slightly and took out to explore small town USA in a much slower fashion. While I didn’t take in any Texas-shaped BBQ grills, I did visit:


Some places, like Graceland, are things I’ve always wanted to do. Others, like exploring a Meteor Crater, weren’t on any “Bucket List,” but were experiences nonetheless. Did I wish I could have slowed down even more? Absolutely! The Grand Canyon alone could be a 3+ day hiking extravaganza.

The lesson? Slow down enough to act on curiosity. It’s the best part of the journey.


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