Greener Grass

It took a few viewings of Almost Famous for the great lessons of the movie to take hold. My favorite lesson is about Mystique. It’s been four years since I wrote about that lesson. It’s one I’m still working to learn.

Is it movies that have instilled the belief the grass is always greener somewhere else? Or, is it the desire for perfection, the drive to not settle for nothing but the best that keeps us searching? Yet, when the search is for the unknown, it’s a challenge to realize when it’s been found.

I’ve spent the last two months criss-crossing the United States. Florida >> Small Town USA >> Hawaii >> Las Vegas >> San Jose >> Napa >> San Francisco. While the new cities on the list were experiences I’ve always wanted to have, most made me realize the grass isn’t greener there. Each city has it’s pros and cons. You’re the one who needs to decide which pros outweigh the cons.

Several years ago, one of my mentors gave the advice, “It’s better to understand what you DON’T like doing, than knowing what you do like.” In this summer of trial, error and a lot of fun, I’ve continued to hone in on the things I don’t like.

I’m still in search of my patch of green grass.

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