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Over the holiday break & thanks to Netflix, I stumbled on the Canadian TV series, Heartland. For Canada, it’s their longest running one hour drama, currently in its eighth season. Set on a ranch in Alberta, the family-friendly show focuses on a girl coming of age, her horses and the ups and downs of one family and their friends.

The show has no sex scenes. The worst “swear” word you’ll hear is, “This sucks.” In 122 episodes, one guy has taken his shirt off once. It is certainly not like the American dramas we watch today, where each episode has at least one sex scene, countless shirtless men and too many swear words to count. Yet, Heartland¬†has me riveted. It reminds me of how TV dramas used to be. And more importantly, it reminds me that mystique can be more compelling than sharing every. juicy. detail.

In a world of social media and oversharing, we’ve forgotten that the things that aren’t shared are the sexiest.

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