Everything is Connected

The Circle of Life, Ying and Yang, give and take, the Earth has a way of balancing and interconnecting everything. These are two of my favorite videos that not only show the interconnectedness of life, but also how one small act can make an entire world of difference. In 1938, Sir Nicholas Winton, saved almost […]


I always love a good ad campaign and Dell nails it with this ad, “Beginnings” in their “Do More” series. The history, the meaning and the simplicity all pull at the heart strings. No fancy words nor fancy concepts needed. We are a company that personifies entrepreneurial spirit, celebrates it every day, and embodies it in […]

Limitless Possibilities

The words “limitless possibilities” has popped up a lot lately. To me, it’s a fascinating concept that is difficult to master. What does “limitless possibilities” mean? I’m glad you asked, because here are three explanations: In a fiction book I read recently, the main character struggled with opening herself up to the limitless possibilities. Instead, […]

Beneath Your Beautiful

It’s not often that a song strikes me so much that I post it here. In fact, it’s been two years since I have. But, Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth featuring Emeli Sande did. Take a listen. It’s a beautiful song about the walls and masks we wear every day. And, the someone who wants […]

The (Absurd) Power of Branding

When you can charge $120 for a plain, white T-shirt and not even have to imprint your logo on the front, well, that’s where the power of branding heads into the absurd.


It’s rare these days that I post about a great marketing campaign. There just aren’t a lot these days. Most campaigns are cookie cutter or trying so hard to be cool while using the latest and greatest social media fad, that they just fail. But, Lexus’s #InstaFilm nails it. They include the “hot” trend, stop […]


What does it mean to you to #MakeItCount? In 2012, I stepped out of my confort zone, a great job, friends & city to follow my dreams. This year, I plan to Do More.

The Best Commercial of the 2012 London Olympics

With every major televised event, there’s always that one brand with a stand out commercial. In 2008, it was Visa’s Go World. This year, for the 2012 Olympics, the below commercial from AT&T was my favorite. It shows why, once again, speed wins.   Curious how they inserted real-time footage and scores into their commercials? You […]

The Other Side of Swimming

Being able to create things like this in the midst of training for the 2012 London Olympics is just one more reason why I love swimming.

Inspiration #1: Invisible

I love Mercede’s Invisible car campaign to promote their new car that has 0 emissions. If you can figure out a way to make a care “invisible” you can do anything.

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