Why Swimmers Rock in the Boardroom

I loved this post so much, I wanted to republish it here in its (almost) entirety. **** Original Post **** A blog post about five reasons employers should hire tennis players recently grabbed my attention and thoughts. While I agree (and like to hire athletes in general), I feel the qualities possessed by a competitive […]

Everything I Do in Business I Learned from Swimming

Growing up in Florida, swim team was a way of life for most children in my neighborhood. As the years progressed and I became more involved in swim team, more hours were spent in a pool and around my coaches and teammates than with my own family. Unknowingly, I didn’t just learn to be a […]

How I Became a Nike Fan

I’ve blogged a few times about not being a Nike fan. While I love their commercials, I’ve never been impressed with their sports gear. But, this year, Nike has once, twice, three times won me over. Aside from their clothes fitting awesome, here’s why I’m willing to pay $50 for a pair of shorts I […]

Advertising Slogans in a Fragmented World

This month, 25 years ago, Nike, with the help of Wieden + Kennedy, unveiled the now famous advertising slogan, “Just Do It,” to the world. In a look back, AdWeek laments that “Just Do It” is the last great advertising slogan we’ll ever see. Why? The writer believes that when the slogan launched, media times […]

Eight Tips for Work Life

At work, our leadership team is sharing “Career Journeys”. The one hour sessions are meant to inspire others to think about their own career paths and also gain visibility into how today’s leaders rose to the top. The SVP of Marketing structured his career journey into his top eight takeaways. His top eight were short, […]

Customers Need to Step Up

For the last several years, companies have been working to understand social media for marketing purposes. Then, they started to work to understand how to add it into their Customer Service toolset. With the onset of social, customers’ expectations changed. No longer was it acceptable to get a response in 48-72 hours via email or […]

The Value of Focus

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? If you haven’t, Pareto’s Principle aka the 80-20 rule, says that 80% of an event’s outcomes comes from 20% of the causes. The rule can be applied to many things – from content curation to readers vs. commenters to the percent of people who keep you in business […]

Everyone Thinks They’re an Expert

With the rise of social media, do it yourself platforms and the popular notion that you can be an “expert” at anything within 4 weeks a la Tim Ferris, I can’t decide whether I’m sad or pissed. I’m sad that social media campaigns these days are lackluster and siloed. They’re boring. They don’t match nor […]

Careers Are Not A Ladder – They’re a Jungle Gym

It’s that time of year. You know, the time when young adults don funny dresses and hats, walk across a stage and suddenly and very clearly enter a new stage in life. Graduation is one of those moments that is clearly marked for you as “life changing”. It’s also the time when some very smart, […]

Work Life Balance

I stumbled on the below story a few years ago. It’s stuck with me ever since. But, now more than ever it seems appropriate. I spent most of 2011 working for myself and doing a job that allowed me to work from anywhere; to travel the world. Six months ago, I stepped back into the […]

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