10 Cool Things of 2009

While end of the year Top Ten lists get obnoxious, it sure is fun to look back on last year’s 10 Cool Things of 2008. I can’t believe it’s been a full year since making that list. But, here it is, ten cool things of 2009 (in date order):

  1. I was a bridesmaid with my best friends
  2. I started a new job… the youngest Director on the Vegas Strip
  3. I got a hammock. I’m in love
  4. I gave my first keynote presentation
  5. I got invited to speak at many a conference in 2010
  6. In a time when people were being laid off left and right, I got four job offers, all promotions
  7. Thanks to the FIRST flash mob in a Vegas casino, I had a #1 video on YouTube
  8. I visited a lot of new cities and a few old ones
  9. I rediscovered skiing. I’m a total ski bum
  10. I put myself out there for the first time. Ever. Fairy tale ending or not, at least I did it


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