In Search of Butterflies

I know that real life is never like the movies. I know that things don’t always go as planned or desired, even when you try your hardest, make sacrifices or do something that scares you. Yet, I still believe in butterflies. Maybe it’s my way of saying you always have to be happy and passionate about what you’re doing.

Interestingly (or naively), I thought that the butterflies always had to feel the same. I felt my first butterflies long ago and thought, “all butterflies must feel like this.” For years, I kept chasing after that same feeling; trying to recreate that first time.

Maybe you already knew, but today, I’m coming to the shocking conclusion that all butterflies feel different. And, surprisingly, if you let them, the different types of butterflies feel pretty cool and just as amazing as that first time. I’ve also learned that while you can’t find or force butterflies, you can open yourself up to letting them in. If you’re not open to feeling different types of butterflies, then you might be missing out on some amazing experiences.


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  3. trinity says:

    i think butterflies are so cool and the different types and kinds of them its so extrodinary i absolutly love it!

  4. trinity says:

    i doing the butterflies for a project and im learning so much about them it comeing together quit nicly.-very exciting!

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