We always want the unknown, what we can’t have, the mystique.

Trust me, I do it all the time too. The unknown is exciting, thrilling and gives us butterflies. If we’re the slightest bit bored or disgruntled we automatically want a new job, a new city, a new significant other, etc. Why? Because we always think the grass is greener elsewhere. Sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not. We strive for perfect, interesting and beautiful, but if you think about it, a beautiful thing is never perfect. Seriously… would you really want a relationship where the other person always yes’d you along, never disagreeing, never pushing you from your comfort zone?

Yet, as Jimmy Fallon explains in Almost Famous, we will never stop chasing the unknown.

Sometimes, I think this is sad. Sometimes, the best things are right in front of our faces and we can’t see them because what’s behind the curtain seems so much better. But, what happens when it’s not? What happens when your perfect is staring you right in the face and you’re too busy chasing “the nothing” that you fail to see your perfect?


  1. […] It’s a question I’ve had over the last week or so, although I’m not quite sure how to answer it. Thanks to this blog, I can read back on a lot of memories; they bring the moments back to life. What the memories don’t bring to life are the possibility of the present and future moments if that person or thing (say a job or city) were still in your life. Maybe we don’t miss the past memories at all. Maybe what we miss are the possibilities, the mystique. […]

  2. […] of Almost Famous¬†for the great lessons of the movie to take hold. My favorite lesson is about Mystique. It’s been four years since I wrote about that lesson. It’s one I’m still […]

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