10 Memories of 2017

Ten(!) years ago I started this project because writing your own Top 10 list recapping the year was “trendy”. These days, Facebook, Instagram, etc. all do it automatically based on your most liked posts. But, what they rarely capture are the little moments that were actually the big moments. I love looking back and remembering the moments of each year that were most important to me – here’s what colored 20082009201020112012201320142015 and 2016.

This was a year of creature comforts that passed in the blink of an eye. In a year of “me,” I could only fleetingly hold onto the mojo that once came so naturally. The older we get, the faster time seems to pass us by.

  1. Officially a Season Ticket Holder to the Smith Center. It’s the gift that keeps giving… Something Rotten and the Curious Incident of the Dog were two of my favorites.
  2. Became a Big Sister! From volunteering weekly at an elementary school to being an integral part of LVIMA, giving back to the community was an important part of this year.
  3. Thanks to the awesome people I work for, seeing the debut of Magic Mike Live and meeting Serena Williams, Steve Wozniak and Barbara Corcoran  were all realities.
  4. In one of the few years I didn’t make a job change, I helped make successful a few campaigns I’m proud of – from Power. In the Words of Women to “Your Mother Was Right” and #LessByDesign.
  5. Just call me a certified chef :) From classes at Sur La Table (squid ink pasta anyone?!) to help from Plated, I flexed my cooking wings.
  6. Greece helped remind me how inspirational it is to travel to NEW places. Exploring Athens, a pottery class in Santorini and a yoga retreat in Crete made this trip a myriad of adventures. Happy 35th birthday to me.
  7. While 139 days, 29 trips, 25 cities and 2 countries might seem like a lot, it was purposely a slow travel year for me. I’m looking forward to discovering new destinations in 2018 vs. *having* to travel for work.
  8. From continuing to meditate (192 sessions, 32 hours) to talking to career coaches, I’ve been spending several months soul-searching. While I haven’t found all the answers, I did find a few surprising ones.
  9. I discovered the best way to shut off my mind and sleep. Thanks to some serendipity and a chance meeting.
  10. In a year wrought with politics, I watched people attempt to overcome differences over dinner tables and more people than ever speak up about injustices both to people and The Planet.

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