Why Swimmers Rock in the Boardroom

I loved this post so much, I wanted to republish it here in its (almost) entirety. **** Original Post **** A blog post about five reasons employers should hire tennis players recently grabbed my attention and thoughts. While I agree (and like to hire athletes in general), I feel the qualities possessed by a competitive […]

Everything I Do in Business I Learned from Swimming

Growing up in Florida, swim team was a way of life for most children in my neighborhood. As the years progressed and I became more involved in swim team, more hours were spent in a pool and around my coaches and teammates than with my own family. Unknowingly, I didn’t just learn to be a […]

Limitless Possibilities

The words “limitless possibilities” has popped up a lot lately. To me, it’s a fascinating concept that is difficult to master. What does “limitless possibilities” mean? I’m glad you asked, because here are three explanations: In a fiction book I read recently, the main character struggled with opening herself up to the limitless possibilities. Instead, […]

How I Became a Nike Fan

I’ve blogged a few times about not being a Nike fan. While I love their commercials, I’ve never been impressed with their sports gear. But, this year, Nike has once, twice, three times won me over. Aside from their clothes fitting awesome, here’s why I’m willing to pay $50 for a pair of shorts I […]


What does it mean to you to #MakeItCount? In 2012, I stepped out of my confort zone, a great job, friends & city to follow my dreams. This year, I plan to Do More.

The Best Commercial of the 2012 London Olympics

With every major televised event, there’s always that one brand with a stand out commercial. In 2008, it was Visa’s Go World. This year, for the 2012 Olympics, the below commercial from AT&T was my favorite. It shows why, once again, speed wins.   Curious how they inserted real-time footage and scores into their commercials? You […]

Why USA Lost in the London 2012 Olympics

Where to start with the 2012 Olympic Games? Not to be overshadowed, the feats of dedication, perservenrance and spirit shown by all the participating athletes was nothing short of amazing. Leading up to the Olympics, there was a lot of talk about this being the first “social” Olympics. In the four years since Beijing, the […]

The Other Side of Swimming

Being able to create things like this in the midst of training for the 2012 London Olympics is just one more reason why I love swimming.

Unforgettable Swims

Thanks to a Facebook ad. Yes, targeted advertising does work! I discovered Speedo’s Unforgettable Swims campaign. If you know me, then you know I love swimming, even though I don’t jump in the water as often as I should these days :/ Needless to say, I love the video and campaign, even if it is […]

Super Commercials XLV

It’s that time of year again… Super Bowl XLV. The more things change, the more they stay the same. After seeing the commercials, I have to wonder, has advertising gone downhill or as consumers (and marketers) are we expecting too much from Super Bowl ads? The interesting piece? It seems like we’ve turned back time. […]

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